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1. To order – submit the email form below

2.  Once your order is processed you will receive two emails:

     Email #1: To notify you that your eGift has been processed and will be activated upon payment made by Paypal with the link attached.   (Payment can be made by phone if preferred).

     Need more time to pay – no problem, just reply to the email with an approx date you will remit payment and your eGift will be activated.   (Note:  The “honor system” payment option is possible because of the 100% success rate for payments received when promised. )

     Email #2:  Contains your eGift image that YOU will give to the recipient by forwarding the email to the recipient or you can save the eGift to your photos & give by text.

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eGift images are personalized and designed by the preparer according to the intended message and purpose


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