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Special thanks to Cassandra Walker – features and entertainment reporter for the Sierra Sun. Cassandra’s article on Marty’s Cafe appears in the fifth and final edition of the Tahoe Top-Five Series featuring chef’s/restaurants published in the Sierra Sun Holiday Edition 2/17/2017.

Marty spills the beans and shares the Cafe’s prized Huevos Rancheros recipe – a favorite dish of the Cafe’s Chef & Grill Maestro – Ricardo Muñoz.


The Recipe: Huevos Rancheros

From: Marty’s Café

Location: 10115 Donner Pass Rd., Truckee

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Black beans – store bought (an alternative to the The Cafe’s version which uses house-made pinto beans.)

This recipe version calls for store bought black beans as 

Corn or flour tortillas

Crumbled feta, cheddar or Spanish cheese

Tomatillos (fresh or canned)

Eggs of your choice, cooked your way

In a blender, add::

5 tomatillos

1 tbsp. fresh garlic

1 tsp. cumin powder

2 squeezed lemons

Salt to taste

Blend well, set aside

Enchilada Sauce: (store bought or make your own)

Roast 3 pasilla peppers, or peppers of your choice, slightly burn them and place in blender

Add 2 bunches cilantro

1 tbsp. garlic

1 cup tomato juice

A dash of chili powder

2 toasted and chopped corn tortillas

Blend well, set aside


Toast 2-3 corn tortillas or 1 flour tortilla in a non-stick skillet. Place in a bowl. Add black beans (store bought and heated) on top of the tortillas.

Cook your eggs in your favorite way and place on top of the beans. Add 2 oz. of each of your sauces on top of the eggs. Add a large tablespoon of feta and a dollop of sour cream (optional), garnish with sliced scallions and enjoy!

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